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All our Clients have one thing in common, they wish to improve their profitability, empower their workforce, and provide a user friendly management system that all may understand, use with ease and be able to improve whenever necessary.

Below is a sample of our Client List and buttons on the left allow viewing by Business Sector and also some Client Comments.

Government Olympic Executive - GOE

GOE was responsible to the Minister for Olympics for £9.3 billion of public sector funding and ensuring value for money by approving both original scope and cost and subsequent changes. GOE ensured that the games were delivered on time, on budget and for the benefit of the whole country.

We provided the consultancy for scope and cost approval on the following projects: Enabling, Structures, Bridges & Highways, Westfield & Olympic Village Infrastructure, Landscaping, Logistics, ICT and Security. Overall Dependency Planning. UK PLC Enhanced Utility Resilience.  Total value of projects in excess of £3.3 Billion.

Home Office Information Technology Department

Bel Provided Programme and Project Management for the Points Identification and Documentation Programme. Biometric Residency Project, Enterprise Caseworking Programme, and running of software design and upgrade for existing software systems such as CID

HM Land Registry which provides the registration of land, property, third party, and distributed first leasing of land records.

We provided Business Reengineering, Workflow and image scanning Consultancy. We helped reduce the time for first registrations from 15 days down to two days

We provided the business process flow study for "electronic conveyancing" where the purchaser and seller exchange title for money and pay stamp duty simultaneously.  

The Defence School of Transport provides driving, maintenance and related legislation with MT accounting services to the Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Marines.

We provided an Intranet documented management system for all of their activities. We also provided support for their TQM, BEM, IiP and ISO activities

Schlumberger is a $14Bn turnover Engineering company that provides Gas, Oil, Water metering to Countries and International Oil Companies. As well as operating utility companies in various countries.

We used specifically developed software for Document Management, Automatic Indexing and Revision Control, with Automated Workflow utilising New and Legacy Information. Information provided on Intranet enabling world-wide access

British Gas Construction are a large UK company who operate in the Energy sector, supplying gas for private and public use. They are responsible for the operation, construction and design of power stations, gas pipelines and associated work.

We assisted with Process Flowcharting, Staffing level evaluations and ISO9000 registration and safety management.

European Passenger Services is a transportation company set up to run the UK part of the railway system between London - Paris and Brussels.

We provided benchmarking information for their sales and marketing operation. Developed a complete set of Business Process Flowcharts for their new operation enabling some 27% reduction of projected staff. We also provided Consultancy support through to their ISO 9001 registration.

Luberef is part of the Saudi Government owned ARAMOCO Oil Company. They produce and supply lubricating oil for the entire Saudi Nation and export Internationally.

We used Process Flowcharting to Re-Engineer their business to reduce the projected number of staff by nearly 50%. The established role models were utilised for opening a new refinery and facilitating the refinery's compliance to ISO 9002

Negri Bossi is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of plastic injection machines.

We provided their American owners with TQM consultancy, their European manufacturing plant with ISO 9001 Consultancy and their UK sales and marketing company with process flowcharting and ISO 9002 Consultancy.

We have also developed an electronic catalogue for Negri Bossi covering their entire range of equipment, in three different languages. The CD-ROM is utilised for shipping with new equipment, sales and marketing and issuing to existing clients and service engineers to facilitate installation, maintenance and ordering of spare parts
RSS The British Army Royal School of Signals provide training to the UK and other countries military on the use of electronic communication equipment.

We provided process flowcharting, ISO 9001 Consultancy, audit training, and established the first flowcharted management system on an Intranet in the British Army.

A large International (French-based) oil & gas operator.

We assisted them in re-engineering their business using the Business Process Flowchart System. This included providing policy advice , evaluating and planning the programme and providing technical assistance for implementation throughout the organisation.

London Underground, Permanent Way Division, a UK-based company, operating in the transport sector, is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all the track and buildings associated with the underground railway.

We advised them on re-engineering their business, provided process flowchart role models, to facilitate their staffing and operation of a £600m project.

SEME The British Army School of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, provides training to the British Army and other Countries armed forces on the main operating tactical battlefield. We provided process flowcharting to increase the operating efficiency, Cost of Quality introduction and training, ISO 9001 Consultancy including audit training through to registration, Safety Management, and Total Quality Management Facilitation.

CrossRail was a company jointly formed by London Underground Limited, and British Rail to extend and create a new railway across London transport sector.

We used the Business Process Flowchart System to facilitate setting up a new operation, and running a major infrastructure project.

Warner Lambert is an American based company within the Pharmaceutical industry. We provided an executive level Workshop comparing the FDA GMP standards to ISO 9000 requirements.


technology innovation centre

The TIC has been set up from EU and UK funds to provide technology help to SME's in the midlands.

We provided a business process analysis for quick wins and established best practice processes for new business contacts and training requirements




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DCMS - GOE London 2012 Olympics
DWP - ICT Programme
HO - ICT Programme
AWE Aldermaston
British Army SEME
British Army RSS
British Army RSA
British Army DST
Technology Innovation Centre


Hungarian Quality Award
Slovenian Quality Award
Central European CPQ



Ministry Of Education


Trollop & Colls
BNFL Thorp
Dartford River Crossing


Warner Lambert


Teixeira Duarte


Transport for London
BRB Anglia
European Passenger Sevices
LUL Permanent Way
LUL Crossrail
BRB Intercity Midlands
Cunard Crusader
BRB Training Crewe


Thermo Acoustic Products
John Brown Plastics
Brown Machines
Negri Bossi


Sumol GM

Oil & GAS

Enterprise Elf
British Gas Construction
British Gas Power
Mobil Data Services
Petromin Saudi Arabia
Seabank Power



John Brown London
John Brown Portsmouth
John Brown Aberdeen
John Brown Houston
John Brown Chicago
John Brown Stamford
Davy McKee Stockton
Davy McKee Pittsburgh
Davy Roll
Cementation Mining
Cleveland Bridge Duba
Toyo Engineering Japan
Litwin E & C








Clients comments about the Business Enhancement Ltd. Consultancy Team

Technology Innovation Centre :- We were amazed at the speed of analysis and the rapid and accurate identification of improvement opportunities.  We shall be promoting this style of process analysis to all of our SME's 

Crossrail :- "Drafting the Business Process Flowcharts has been a very useful process for me at least. It is actually forcing me to take time to clarify in my mind the procedures and interfaces affecting my function…..
....I have actually come from a position of suspicion to one of fully supporting the Business Process Flowchart Management System."

Negri Bossi :- "….the e-Manuals Cd was recieved at the UK Interplas 99 show with a high degree of interest and enthusiasm....many of our competitors were amazed....The technical staff have been desperate to get their hands on a copy, as the information on the cd is better than the paper manuals and much easier to find…."

BP :- "….and so I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending him and his company for any task involving TQM and QA systems Consultancy"

HM Land Registry. :- "The process of building up a complete operation of business process workflows for document management revealed openly that many of our actions were checking on checking on checking and that there were many pauses in the workflow whilst the document passed from position to position via the in tray. Combined operations and more user friendly IT is definitely the answer for improved productivity…."

DST :- "The process of now having our management system on the Intranet with the ability to find information in a few seconds is fantastic. I wish this had been in place before I joined DST as it would have reduced my learning curve from two months to two days. The ability to find, fill out and email documents all in one operation has helped us achieve more work from less people…."

Schlumberger :- "The interactive website controlling the project specific documentation and revisions is the best solution yet. With the ability to tap in from anywhere in the world and find out the latest status of work progress, facilitates our global project approach and retains our image as leaders in technology…."

Total Oil Marine :- The Business Process Flowcharts clearly show the way we undertake work in the Aberdeen Engineering Department and we celebrate the completion of the Engineering Operations Manual.

Eurostar European Passenger Services: I am not generally given to writing letters of commendation or appreciation in relation to "paid for services". However we would not have reached "first base" without the commitment support and advice from you…."